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We are an event planning agency in downtown Miami! and...

How we work

In a world in which our attention span is eight seconds. It is hard to capture the attention and curiosity of distracted audiences. That’s why we create fun events, we focus on immersive, storytelling experiences through  which people can connect with our different brands in another level! Come join the party! We are Zoom-Relations.


Focus on the people


Focus on having fun


We see results come to life

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Experts In...

Experiential Marketing

Event Planning


Leave the planning to us

We are experts in experiential marketing. We transform environments into experiences that move people emotionally. We specialize in events that are fluid and impactful, creating powerful, positive memories that last.

Culture focused

We’re cultural engineers and it is the emotions that connect us to work for the brands we love. Always trusting our experience

Numbers Focused

Our immersive brand experiences are born from relatable storytelling, inspired ideas and meticulous logistics. We focus on numbers but also on feelings

Emotions Focused

We are experts in consumer engagement. Let’s get to work crafting an emotional experience for your audience. Bring tissues. You’ll need them. 

Why us?

Simply because we are real and fun. We work with brands to create meaningful experiences out in the world that make people stop, look up from their phones, and smile. Connecting brands to consumers through innovative events that inspires creativity and delivers measurable impact. We believe that anywhere is an ideal place to create a party. 

  • We are resourceful and inventive. We break the rules when they need breaking.
  • We value diversity and work in concert as a team. It’s more fun that way.
  • We are purposeful in our goals, and mindful in our efforts to achieve them
  • We are responsive and reliable, and always take ownership of our actions
  • We value learning, as well as the ambition and perseverance it requires.

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